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Wisteria is dying

Wisteria is dying
Posted by: juliaking (IP Logged)
Date: May 29, 2007 02:27

My 2 thirty year old wisteria vines that are climbing on a huge trellis have suddenly wilted, drooped and appear to be dying. They were starting to bloom as usual and then days later started to droop and never fully bloomed. I've tried watering them not knowing what else to do for them. I've never had to water them before as I live in Seattle and it's very wet here. The watering didn't help. I looked at the trunks and can see no pest activity. I'm perplexed. Do these vines die around 30 years old?

Thanks for any advice out there. Julia

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|  Wisteria is dying juliaking 29/05/2007 02:27

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