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Acer - is it dying? Leaves brown and shrivelled

Acer - is it dying? Leaves brown and shrivelled
Posted by: Carol Porter (IP Logged)
Date: June 01, 2007 21:05

I have an Acer Palmatum (can't remember exact name) about 5 yrs old, in a pot (not too small or over large and not repotted since first year). Its been thriving. Hasn't been moved. Part sun/part shade. Regular watering - not changed anything that I can think of. It's new spring leaves came through - beautiful red but then became very dry looking and I initially thought may be wind burn. Leaves now very brown and dying-looking but more worrying is that there is white sticky deposits on the branches and some leaves (like white chewing gum/marsh mallow consistency) - any ideas? Presume it is dying - can I do anything to save it?

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|  Acer - is it dying? Leaves brown and shrivelled Carol Porter 01/06/2007 21:05

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