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Prunus Pendula Rubra has no leaves

Prunus Pendula Rubra has no leaves
Posted by: Paul Watling (IP Logged)
Date: June 02, 2007 15:28

We have a grafted weeping cherry tree in it's third year with us. It stands about 5 foot high and is planted in a large pot. In it's first summer it had what we presumed to be 'shothole' and we treated it with regular foliar feeding that seemed to do the trick. The blossom at the beginning of it's 2nd year was sparse, we used the foliar feeding idea throughout its 2nd summer and had what appeared to be a healthy tree. The blossom in the spring of this year was abundant. The ends of a few of the branches were trimmed for the first time this spring, when the blossom was falling, to give the tree some shape. Since the blossom fell nothing has happened, no leaves have appeared. The branches are still green underneath the bark. Please can you help?

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