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Re: Laburnum - Flys - Help !

Re: Laburnum - Flys - Help !
Posted by: errollloyd (IP Logged)
Date: August 05, 2013 07:07

Unfortunately, I have no advice for the laburnum infestation of flies but would like to mention a similar experience with the laburnum tree that has been in our front garden from the time we bought our house over thirty years ago. We have had noticed this summer a daily swarm of flies of the blue bottle variety (not sure about this, but certainly the same size, and definitely not fruit flies). One theory put forward by a friend is that the tree has produced an excess of the sugary substance it normally produces related in some way to the hot summer. Strange, as we have had hot summer before.

Would be interested to learn of any similar experience, and any antidote. Branches from our laburnum tree overhand the driveway and the sticky secretion from the tree gets on to the car. The flies then treat the car as a dinner plate. Not a nice sight...

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