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Overhanding trees with TPO

Overhanding trees with TPO
Posted by: PeterD (IP Logged)
Date: January 01, 2011 18:57

Hello, I am new to this forum and look forward to your replies.

In the garden of the house adjacent to mine there are several large trees just the other side of the fence. Branches from these trees (if allowed to grow) would overhang and shade the border and a large part of the garden.

Until now I have had the overhanging branches removed with the amicable agreement of my neighbour.

Today I have received notification that some of these trees are to be the subject of a tree preservation order. This is because the house has been sold to a building company who wish to develop the site and obviously the trees will need protection.

So, I have some questions:
What position am I in legally if I now have overhanging branches removed? (Does this count as "lopping" or damage to the tree?)

Best wishes, PeterD

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Advice offered in this forum is of a general nature only. It is by its nature not based on any site investigation and should not be relied upon. Neither the forum administrator nor any contributor will be held liable for damages occurring as a result of relying on advice given here. You should contact a competent arboriculturist for a more detailed answer.