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Are Red Buckeye Tree Conkers poisonous?

Are Red Buckeye Tree Conkers poisonous?
Posted by: Shellstar (IP Logged)
Date: April 11, 2011 09:29

Hi there,

As a planning condition for a build (in South Wales, UK), we have had to plant trees in our backgarden and the Aborist chose a Red Buckeye. This was planted 2 weeks ago and it is already starting to flower. We weren't given a choice on the type of tree, this was chosen for us. I have since done some reasearch on this tree and according to websites, the Fruits (conkers etc) are deadly if swollowed. I have 2 small children and we are planning on getting a dog. This tree is in the middle of our garden and I am now really concerned and quite annoyed that if the tree is poisonous, we weren't told about it. Just wanted some advice on whether these trees are poisonous and whether after 2 weeks it would be possible to pull it up and replant another without actually killing it.


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