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Re: Are Red Buckeye Tree Conkers poisonous?

Re: Are Red Buckeye Tree Conkers poisonous?
Posted by: Roy (IP Logged)
Date: July 01, 2011 14:06

I can't give you a definitive medical answer, but we've had a very large Red Buckeye tree outside our kitchen window for the ten years we've lived here.

The kids have collected and played with the 'conkers (although they're useless for that purpose), the dog has played with them and the squirrels eat them (don't know if they survive or not!)

It's a beautiful tree, the only downsides being the enormous numbers of leaves it sheds in autumn, the constant clearing up of fallen blossoms and stalks in spring and the large quantity of nuts and nut cases it drops, etc.

The native North Americans (for it is an indigenous US species) used to stun fish with a conconction made from the nuts, so I guess they are reasonably potent. You can also make soap from them apparently.

Hope that helps!

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