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oak tree with tpo too close - 10ft - from house

oak tree with tpo too close - 10ft - from house
Posted by: living in harmony (IP Logged)
Date: April 30, 2011 10:35

advise please

have lived in my house 10yrs, it is a new build, at the back there are council owned oak trees with tree pres orders on (tpo). in the past we have always had to apply to planning to do any work like cut down branches or new growth that comes over the fence.

just asked for them to send out the forms again, but was told they have changed and have to be downloaded off the planning link on the council website. went to do that and they have changed, they now say that it is my (or anyone else in this situation) responsibility to pay for an arborist(?) report to prove they are too big or too close to the house if we want to do any work. they also said this is a government directive - making the person pay for a full arborsit/structural report who does not own the tree.

so is there any truth in this, looking at comments about how far an oak should be from a house, and we are talking 10ft, and the trees (line of them) must be over 100yrs old - trunks are about 4-5ft wide if doing a straight line if felled, I am thinking planning is hoping we do not pay for this report because I dont think planning should have been granted to allow new builds/ house foundation this near to oaks especially with 'tpo'

does anyone know what the miniumum an oak should be from the foundation, the trees are about 25ft high, they go 10ft above the roof guttering height.

at present we are being covered with pollen droopings (like capsules of furry seed pods),our patio is covered and it is like a tumbleweed carpet, it is falling in the guttering over time,so our gutters have been overflowing, and again this year it is building up to the point we can see debris sticking up in the roof gutters.

all we want to do is cut back to the fence, but we would really like them reduced in height. they have been trimmed from the council side so now the trees are not balanced and worries us that they (one tree in particular) are now one sided and could fall in our direction straight through the house.

but like i said the council said we have to pay for a full report, and they will CONSIDER it, but considering it does not mean they will allow us to do work, yet they are doing it from their side - a double standard surely ?

help, we do not want to loose the trees unless we have to, but if there is a risk to our foundations or the risk it will fall, then yes we do need to see how to get rid of the one tree that spans the width of our house.

i am really scared about taking on the council, but how do we get something lodged so if the tree falls and flattens the house and we end up dead they can be sued for death and destruction.

why are they being so unco-operative yet happy to do this work on their land to protect the public - walking in the open land?

how much would one of these reports cost, and would it be strong enough in contents to use to get the council to take notice. and if such a report said the tree is unsafe due to location risk etc, who has to pay for the tree to be felled - if it is council owned would it be them. i am scared that they could just take the view: its easier to deal with a destroyed house and a dead family IF it happens rather than be responsible, at the end of the day we (as a family) are nobodies so our deaths would just be pure faceless numbers.

please help.

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