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Re: oak tree with tpo too close - 10ft - from house

Re: oak tree with tpo too close - 10ft - from house
Posted by: Benn0700699 (IP Logged)
Date: November 12, 2019 06:47

Ok there are a few questions in here so I will answer then one at a time.

FIrstly I would go online and make an application before getting an arborist report. Only when council specifically asks for a report should you get one. If it is only remedial pruning work then I can't see there being a problem. Arborist report cost here.

An arborist report is generally only required once council has knocked back you application and want more supporting evidence from a certified professional.

You asked about distance from your house. 10ft sounds close. Most councils do allow trees withing a certain distance of your home to be removed without a planning permit, but it depends on your council. I would go to your local council website and read the exemption list of tree works allowed on your TPO, or maybe just call a local tree service and ask them. They will be up to date on the latest laws.

If you want to remove the tree I would get an arborist report before submitting your application to council. Ask them to do a SULE report (Safe Useful Life Expectancy). If the tree has been marked as a significant tree or heritage listed you might find it harder. Again it depends on your local council.

Hope this helps

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