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Protected Hedge Removal

Protected Hedge Removal
Posted by: Kipper (IP Logged)
Date: May 16, 2011 07:54


I have a query which you may (hopefully) be able to advise or assist with. We have recently bought a property and we had started to take down the hawthorn hedge (12 foot tall) to our eastern boundary when a concern was raised by a neighbour. It has been confirmed by Lincoln City Council Planning Department that there was a Planning Condition put on the hedge when the developer received Planning Permission some 17 years previous (under a section 197 regarding local amity value). The hedge is protected as it is an original field boundary and cannot be lopped, topped or felled without receiving Planning Permission to vary the condition.

As we have young children, we would ideally like to remove the hedge at ground level and also remove the roots so it wonít grow back. I am looking to write a supplementary document which will support the application and this is where any assistance from you will really help.

We are proposing to write things like:

∑ Hawthorn hedge not ideal in domestic garden (especially with young kids) as it is a security type hedge

∑ Hedge is unsightly and provides no local amity value

∑ The hedge is not the original and has been cut down at ground level previously

∑ Etc etc

We donít feel that if the Council allow us to cut the hedge down to, say 1-2m high, we have really achieved anything due to the low level dangers to the kids getting scratched etc. We plan to turf the area if the hedge gets removed.

Any advise will be much appreciated.


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