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Fire damaged oak tree

Fire damaged oak tree
Posted by: Andrew (IP Logged)
Date: April 13, 2012 08:02

I have a problem with a fire damaged English oak tree. The neighbours shed burned down last month causing one side of the trunk to be blackened, but remarkably no damage to the branches above. It took an hour for the firemen to put it out but the shed was destroyed and the greenhouse exploded, so the fire was pretty intense, but fairly short.

The tree is about 60ft tall and the trunk is over two feet wide. The bark is pretty thick and only charred to a max depth of 2-3mm only on the bottom 8-10ft of the trunk. Higher up the tree was shielded from the heat. I know bark is a pretty good insulator but the live cambium is pretty vulnerable. How can you tell how bad the damage is without waiting for months for the bark to fall off and the leaves to die? I would like to know how tolerant oaks are to fire damage of this sort.

The question is to fell it now and draw a line under this whole sorry mess or to wait months or years until the extent of the damage is clear, but 1) May have to be felled anyway with the added costs/difficulty of a new shed and fence etc underneath. 2) Have the anxiety of living with a big tree that may fall over in a few years time and damage the house, for which the insurance company has already said would not be covered. 3) Significant unrecoverable additional costs of tree maintenance for many years to come. Can I afford to keep the tree?

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