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Re: Horse Chestnut Trees

Re: Horse Chestnut Trees
Posted by: Joshua Tinker (IP Logged)
Date: October 09, 2015 11:39


Your neighbour has committed an act of trespass & criminal damage.
You may be able to seek legal redress.

However, you will probably continue being neighbours and may wish to retain a degree of friendliness, in which case, before seeking legal advice, speak to him about the damage he has done and ask him to remove all of the branches that he has dumped into your garden.
Ask him to replace any damaged plants at his own expense.
The tree may have been poorly pruned and remedial tree pruning may be required, which you might also ask your neighbour to pay for.

In his defence, it is a widely held misconcepption that you must put overhanging branches back over the tree owners fence, the legal requirement being that you must offer them back to the tree owner. If the tree owner doesn't want them back, the neighbour must make arrangements to dispiose of them themselves.

Hope that helps....

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