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Willow dying?

Willow dying?
Posted by: CSGreen (IP Logged)
Date: May 28, 2012 20:57

This willow was in my parents yard some 30 years ago and beautiful. Dad died and Mom remarried . . . they let the tree fall to boreworm (someone told me) and it is now in sad condition. Mom is in early stages of Alzheimer's Disease and has always been a penny pincher but it way overboard now . . . won't even keep the house in repair unless I force the issue . . . and I'm disabled with little income.

I was told I can't cut the dead brances out because it will kill the tree but I fail to understand that when the branches are already dead . . . so, there is not water access by the tree and no way to spray it down if boreworm is actually what the problem is . . . it is now a matter of cuttint off the dead branches to a forks or cutting down the tree.


Can I lop off the dead brances or should I let her chop it down?
My inclination is to attempt chopping off the dead branches so they can't fall on someone's head and let God take it from there . . . but don't know how to get rid of boreworm even if I can find someone who will prune it for me.

I don't want to let it go, but I don't have much choice as she's afraid it will fall on someone's head . . .

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