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tree advice for retaining walls

tree advice for retaining walls
Posted by: bolo1000 (IP Logged)
Date: August 01, 2012 16:40

I moved into a home that has a 3-1/2' concrete retaining wall on one side of my driveway. The neighbors house on that side is quite a ways away but sits higher than my home so the previous owner of my house planted trees in the dirt behind the retaining wall for privacy. The trees are only 3' or less from the concrete retaining wall but there is unrestricted dirt in the other direction towards the neighbors house for roots to grow. I recently found out the two trees there now are a liquid amber and a raywood ash. I wanted to plant one more tree there and the arborist at the nursery said another raywood ash would be less damaging to the wall than the liquid amber. I bought a 6' raywood ash to put next to the 20' tall one already there but after reading some research, I see these trees get huge. I want to put (3) trees along the wall but space is limited so it has to be planted within 3' of the wall. Length wise is no problem, plenty of length along the wall.

I plan on cutting down the ash and liquid amber and replacing them with trees that dont get so large. A pepper tree was recommended but the area is over a driveway and I dont want a tree that drops fruit or berries. Evergreens would be nice for the privacy but I think my choices will be limited. Was also considering ones that lose leaves in winter like a chocolate mimosa like I have in other parts of my yard.

Need some advice on what kinds of trees have a less invasive or less damaging root system that only grow to 20-30" tall. I know any tree that close to a wall can damage it but I'm limited to planting only 3' or less from the concrete wall and I dont want roots to knock the wall down if a huge tree is growing there. Any suggestions? Like I said, evergreen would be nice for the privacy but leaf droppers will be considered too. Thanks in advance for any advice!

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