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Unsightly Londone Plane

Unsightly Londone Plane
Posted by: Beverley (IP Logged)
Date: August 09, 2012 17:52

We have a huge London plane at the back of our garden which is in the school field. the tree was maintained regularly by the council up until about 10 years ago when the school grounds maintenance was handed over to a contractor (kier) since they took over the tree has not been touched and became massively overgrown (overhanging our property by about 7 or 8 meters) also blocking all of the sunlight from 3 o’clock. we have been battling with the contractor for the past 3-4yearsto have the tree lopped, today we finally had a tree surgeon attend the site and remove some of the tree but all that has been done is some of the branches that overhang our property have been removed, none of the height or bulk of the tree has been removed this has also left us looking at bare branches just sticking out. The tree surgeon told us that really more should be taken off (the tree overhangs the road and reaches across the road to the pavement on the other side) but due to the budget the contractor limited what they were to remove. Please could someone give any advice as to what we could do about this.

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