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Sickly looking oak tree

Sickly looking oak tree
Posted by: dermotdjt (IP Logged)
Date: May 31, 2013 08:11


Our oak tree has finally come into leaf after the long winter but the leaves are not looking at all health. The colour is grenerally paler than expected with signs of brown edges. The leaves are all curled and give an genreally unhealthy aspect to them.

I'm located in Devon on the eastern edge of Dartmoor. I understand that the tree was plant perhaps about 15 years ago. I've seen sign of a 'rust' on the tree in the past but that is usually later in the year after the leaves are well formed. There are no signs of any lesions on the bark/trunk or any weeping from wounds etc.

Can anyone suggest a cause to this ailment and better still a treatment.

Many thanks


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|  Sickly looking oak tree dermotdjt 31/05/2013 08:11

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