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Lime Tree - How to stop the Council from felling it

Lime Tree - How to stop the Council from felling it
Posted by: Pattie (IP Logged)
Date: October 11, 2013 12:08

I have a mature Lime tree growing on the pavement outside my home. It's about 5 metres from the house, possibly less. I live in Stockport in Greater Manchester.

My house was built around 1910. I don't know the age of the tree but I guess that it and all the other Lime trees on the road have been there for many, many years.

My house was partially underpinned in the late 1990s (the Lime tree was not the cause of the subsidence).

When I moved to the house in 1983 the Council came to prune the trees every year, but then that stopped, and mine and other Lime trees on the road were left and became very overgrown.

My insurer changed in 2006 and I was instructed to put the local council under Notice in relation to the Lime tree outside my property. The Council wrote back stating that they would maintain the tree on a regular basis. This hasn't happened - they have cut it back but not regularly,and I've had to press them to do this. I asked for a maintenance plan to be put in place for the tree but the Council simply ignored the request.

This year I made a formal written complaint to the Council about the lack of maintenance to the tree and the failure to agree a maintenance plan for it. The Council wrote back stating that it was not cost effective to maintain the tree on a constant basis (even though they don't maintain the tree on this basis), and that they would be felling it.

I am now in dispute with the Council. I do not want to see the death of the tree but I would like the Council to look after it properly so that its roots don't cause any further structural damage to my home.

In addition, I understand that the removal of the tree might cause heave (the opposite of subsidence which my property has already suffered), and that this is more likely in areas of clay soil which is what we have here.

My insurers have said that if the Council don't remove the tree correctly and there is any further structural damage to my property as a result, the Council would be liable for the cost of repairs.

There is nothing wrong with the tree -it's not damaged or diseased.

I think it would be better all round for the tree to stay and be looked after properly. Has anyone any thoughts about how I stop the Council from cutting it down and getting them to maintain it on a regular basis as they said they would?

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