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How to save a Western Hemlock that has been living indoors?

How to save a Western Hemlock that has been living indoors?
Posted by: Melanie (IP Logged)
Date: December 03, 2013 07:50

I live in Oregon and I'm hoping you can help me give me advice about a western hemlock (tsuga heterophylla)

I have a young Western Hemlock-- Tsuga heterophylla-- approximately 2-3 years old that has been in a large pot outdoors since it was a year old.

When I moved I brought it with me to my apartment, but I don't have a private outdoor area-- only a shared yard, so I have had my hemlock indoors for months now. It has been doing fine. It is typically always humid in here thanks to the rain, and I don't have heat so the home temperature is honestly usually 60-68 degrees F

However, it just started dropping all of its needles and I'm panicking. I really love this tree. I did research online and learned that they are not tolerant to indoor conditions. I should have known that beforehand.

So, in a desperate attempt to save it, I want to put it outside in the shared yard but it's very cold outside now and I know that drastic changes like that would likely just kill it. I could try slowly acclimating it to the outdoor weather a little at a time before leaving it out there, but going from indoors to outdoors is currently going to be a difference of 30+ degrees.

Is this a hopeless endeavor at this point? Is there anything I can do? I have it right next to a window where it is receiving a cold, moist draft of air. I mist its foliage daily. I have a layer of pebbles and organic matter on the top of the soil and I have always maintained moist soil and I make sure it doesn't sit in a water. I've been using filtered spring water to water it.

If you have any advice as to how I can quickly save my beloved hemlock, or anybody you can refer me to that could better advise me, I would be extraordinarily grateful. Please and thank you!

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