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Fallen tree in TPO'd woodland

Fallen tree in TPO'd woodland
Posted by: steve crane (IP Logged)
Date: August 25, 2014 18:28

Hello all,

We have an extremely large Oak that has come over - roots and all - in a small TPO'd woodland. Kids are playing in the root pit and also building tree houses in the crown which is possibly lodged against other trees. To cap it all the youngsters have also tried to burn the crown.

To access the tree other fair sized trees need to be cleared to get some machinery in and we would like to get the trunk (timber) out. Other TPO'd trees may be damaged in the process depending on how much the crown is resting on others.

Obviously the fallen tree will be covered by dangerous tree provisions, but for making access how would you treat this if it was on your patch. Application or not, replanting or natural regrowth?

Thanks for any advice

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|  Fallen tree in TPO'd woodland steve crane 25/08/2014 18:28

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