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Ficus tree info phoenix az

Ficus tree info phoenix az
Posted by: Ron S. (IP Logged)
Date: October 03, 2014 18:54

I have transplanted a three ft. ficus tree rcvd. as a gift to a large pot,
(It came in a small pot and had very little soil in it).
I used good soil and mulch and watered it along with some miracle grow.
Some leaves had brown spots and were withering. I trimmed off these leaves
and some small dead branches. The leaves are continuing to exhibit the same
symptoms. Over the past three weeks I have tried it in full sun and sun/shade
with no difference. I have not tried any other supplement eg: iron,vinegar etc:.
The weather has been 80 to 90 and sunny most days. The trunk is the twisted variety.
Note: I have grown several potted ficus trees for years and never seen
this symptom.
Can you help?
Thank you,

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|  Ficus tree info phoenix az Ron S. 03/10/2014 18:54

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