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Sourwood tree growing south

Sourwood tree growing south
Posted by: Steve J (IP Logged)
Date: October 19, 2014 21:30

I live in Southwest Washington State. I have a Sourwood tree that I planted 9 years ago that is growing toward the south. All the main trunk leans to the south. All of the main branches are on the south side. Even the branches that grow on the north side of the tree curl around toward the south. I have done some light pruning on this tree to try and balance it, but it is determined.

I am wondering about a couple of things. First, does it just need more sunlight. It gets full sunlight from about mid morning to sunset. Most of the spring and fall, the sun is in the southern sky. Only in mid summer is the sun overhead. Second, in the spring and summer the prevailing wind is from the north. This hasn't affected neighbors trees of various species.

Is this tree just not suitable to this area? I hate to give up after this many years, but don't want to keep it if it won't straighten up!

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