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Re: Treating large tear wound.

Re: Treating large tear wound.
Posted by: Ben101 (IP Logged)
Date: November 19, 2015 11:23

Hey tsrplatelayer,

Firstly with the balance of your tree; it might be a good idea to even up the weight ....depending. Without seeing a pic it is hard to say. Trees are amazing at reacting to such situations by sending out more supportive roots on the opposite side of the excess weight to try and rectify the problem.

But it's it doesn't affect the aesthetics too much, maybe consider taking off a branch from the opposite side to even it out.

The problem is, with soft ground after a storm trees are more vulnerable to getting blown over in another storm a few days later.

With the tare in the tree, these will heal themselves in time. You may want to get an arborist in to have a look and possibly tidy it up a little, but again trees are great at repairing themselves.

Again without photo's it's difficult to comment, but I hope this info helps.

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