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Tree care in urban landscapesT4XY

Tree care in urban landscapesT4XY
Posted by: Ray Annan (IP Logged)
Date: May 06, 2016 07:57

I am a soil Microbial specialist treating at risk trees in city environments and quite often the situation arises where there is concrete and asphalt right to the base of the trees. We need to inoculate the tree roots with fungi Species including Mycorrhizal species. The other solution is the boost the tree's immune system with the application of foliar nutrients. In busy cities it is not always possible to do this because of traffic and pedestrians. I am wondering if anyone has experience of using other methods of enhancing tree's immune systems by injecting nutrients or other methods?

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|  Tree care in urban landscapesT4XY Ray Annan 06/05/2016 07:57

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