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Beech problem, big problem....??

Beech problem, big problem....??
Posted by: Will S (IP Logged)
Date: June 12, 2016 15:39

Hi all,
I have recently purchased a property in Slovenia with 5 acres of woodland.
I am a carpenter of sorts but my tree identifying skills fall a little short.

Slovenia has a mixture of forest fauna and having just visited the property, there are some problems.
The forest has not been managed for at least 20-30 years. Uninhabited property.

Two years ago there was a horrendous ice storm which seriously damaged most of the trees above 600m, the property is at 950m so quite high up.
Some trees, some pine spruce, birch, oak, sycamore were heavily damaged but have recovered a little, although look sparse, do have new growth this spring and in a few more years will fully recover, with some clearing and pruning.

The beech (i think its beech? see images) has something else going on. I am hoping its just a result of the trauma, but i fear it could be disese?
I have allot of these trees on the plot maybe 6-10 some small 200-300mm diameter some up to a 1m.
Looking at the pictures can anyone work out what this is?

Thanks for your help.



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