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Rowan tree in close proximity to buildings

Rowan tree in close proximity to buildings
Posted by: redrobbo (IP Logged)
Date: June 28, 2016 11:50

Good afternoon everyone ,

I am new here and hoping for some advice regarding a Rowan tree that is belonging to a neighbour but very close to our garage and utility room (approximately 4.5 ft) it is also within 2 ft of a manhole - waste drain cover.
The tree had been well pruned and maintained by the previous homeowner and wasn't really dominant but in the last few years it has not had much attention and is now getting quite large (about 20-25 ft high) , also I had to attend to some paving slabs that had been pushed up by roots , since then it has been trimmed slightly . Can the tree be heavily pruned back (not sure if this is correct terminology) or is it's distance to the mentioned items too close , I am hoping it doesn't need to go but I am concerned in the future it may do more serious damage ,

thanks in advance

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