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Older Cherry Tree

Older Cherry Tree
Posted by: Jem (IP Logged)
Date: June 28, 2017 22:31


I have a cherry tree in my front garden and I believe it to be on its way out, but before I take drastic action that might be unnecessary I'd like the opinion of an expert.

The tree is only showing growth on about half of the limbs and of that growth, much of it appears to be what I can only describe as "suckers" - long straight vertical shoots with lots of foliage. These appear to be mainly around the centre of the tree.

The tree was pruned in the spring of this year and that was probably the first time in a few years.

Is the tree saveable and is it worth it, and if so how? Should I get rid of all these suckers and when?

I've have a couple of photos - hopefully they'll help with the diagnosis, but I don't know how to load them up here as I don't have a URL for them... I can email them if it helps.

Many thanks

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|  Older Cherry Tree Jem 28/06/2017 22:31

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