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should I transplant this tree?

should I transplant this tree?
Posted by: jonesfam567 (IP Logged)
Date: March 29, 2018 02:39


We recently moved into a new house. We have several evergreens in the front yard. These two are growing too close together (there's actually a third smaller one that ill probably just cut down) and I'm thinking one needs to go so that the other can thrive. I also need trees in my backyard, so I'm thinking win/win. I'm looking for some advise. Will it be possible to transplant one of these without killing the other? Which should I move? How do I separate the roots? How big of a root ball do I need? Etc.....

The trunk diameter is about 4" for both trees

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|  should I transplant this tree? jonesfam567 29/03/2018 02:39

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