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Maple Die Back (on one side)

Maple Die Back (on one side)
Posted by: Kerry (IP Logged)
Date: April 12, 2018 16:10


Over the past 2-3 years I have noticed that one side of my maple is dying. On the unhealthy side, the bark is sloughing off to reveal rotten and/or dried out interiors. Limbs are becoming brittle and fracturing and the limbs managing to remain intact are producing far fewer leaves. The leaves they are producing, however, looked fairly normal throughout the summer. The tree changed color a bit early this year.

I am situated in a suburban crescent in Ontario, Canada (zone 5a), and several of my neighbors appear to be having the same symptoms with their 'visually similar' maples (I'm unsure of whether they're the same species, but obviously dissimilar maples, even those on other parts of my property, are healthy). The recent weather has not been harsher, and there have not been any natural disasters in my area. I've left the tree alone for the past 5 years- the only deliberate treatment it has received is the removal of some dead branches last October. There was some brief construction along the roadside last summer and I'm sure that didn't help matters- but the problem existed before that time.

These photos were taken several months ago. I will post some new ones this week- the bare branches should make things easier to observe.

I love this tree, and I would greatly appreciate any advice you can offer on what the cause might be and how I can remedy it. thank you.

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