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Dog urine effect on tree...

Dog urine effect on tree...
Posted by: scarletdove (IP Logged)
Date: May 14, 2018 05:14

I have a Norway Maple tree by the street behind the sidewalk and after I retired, noticed that the tree was the place where all the neighborhood dogs being walked peed. I read that large volume of dog pee was not healthy for trees and since they all are doing it, I deem this as volume. I put out signs and some disrespectful people continue to allow their dogs to pee around the tree. This is a Norway Maple and it is beautiful. I fertilize it with Plant Trust, groom it, mulch it and have an arborist come to heavy groom and check it out every 2 years. This tree was planted back in the 70's and I need to know if all the dogs peeing on this tree is unhealthy for its continuing growth and survival. How do I stop my tree from being the neighborhood fire hydrant and keep them away from my tree? What product or formula will work to deter the attraction to the "pee" spot?

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|  Dog urine effect on tree... scarletdove 14/05/2018 05:14

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