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Catalpa Tree

Catalpa Tree
Posted by: Sam G (IP Logged)
Date: July 24, 2018 19:53

Hi everyone

Iím hoping someone can help. Iíve been told the tree in our front garden is a Catalpa tree (20ft + high). For the last three years since moving to our home, the tree has grown leaves partially over the tree but has bare sections also. Iíd say about 10% covered with leaves. Flowers do appear also on these areas.

Iíd really like to know how to get this tree going again as they look amazing in some photos Iíve seen. It keeps trying every year but just not getting there. Itís getting no worse, just the same each year.

Is here a feed/fertiliser that might perk it up a but? Should I trim back the branches that have no leaves?

Iím a new comer to gardening/trees so any advise would be truly appreciated

All the best and thank you

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|  Catalpa Tree Sam G 24/07/2018 19:53

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