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Transplant of Magnolia tree

Transplant of Magnolia tree
Posted by: Mark Mazur (IP Logged)
Date: April 24, 2007 20:39

We just transplanted a Magnolia tree about 20 feet on the same property. It had grown too large to be as close to the street as it was, and was growing into the power lines, also the new position is clearly more favorable to the house.

We were advised last fall by our local agricultural extension to cut a circle in the earth about 4' around the tree to trim feeder roots and fill it with mulch, which we did. We were also advised to transplant in early spring. But due to the strange winter which arrived in January, then a couple of late Mrach -early April snow and ice storms, we were unable to transplant until just a week ago.

Then, within a few days, the temperature went up to 80. Crazy weather, and not what we expected at all, but the tree was starting to bud and we'd been advised to to move it in the spring, before blossoming. It now looks like we are likely to lose this years' blossoms to transplant shock. We are far more worried about how to best insure the tree's survival. Any suggestions?

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