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Big tree, damaged or not?

Big tree, damaged or not?
Posted by: Marie (IP Logged)
Date: March 29, 2019 00:27

Hi, I work for a road construction company widening a highway. We have come across a very large tree that is outside our right of way. Approx 1.5 - 2 meter away from the stump we are per design to build a retaining wall. Just to give you some background. We started excavation for the retaining wall and got down to approx 6inch deep when we stopped the work to have an arborist look at the tree. We excavated approximately 1/3 down 6 inch or the trees surrounding area. According to the arborist we have damaged the tree so much that we might have to take it down and give compensation to owner of the tree as it sits on private property. My question is have we really harmed the tree that much? We can not see a single big root that we have hit or damaged. If we look hard we have damaged 3 very small roots. Are the roots further down so as its not damaged beyond being ok? I wanted to get a second opinion as often the outcome of compensation is not fair or accurate. i can send a video of the tree and the excavated area. Kind Regards Marie

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