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Strange pigment and droopy leaves on our cherry blossom

Strange pigment and droopy leaves on our cherry blossom
Posted by: Josh (IP Logged)
Date: August 15, 2019 15:04

Hi there. My first time posting so I apologise if anything is incorrect. I am grateful for any help anyone can provide.

Two years ago we planted two juvenile cherry blossom trees at our home in North East Somerset. One in our back garden at the top of an incline away from other flora, and one in our front garden, again not too close to any other trees, but slightly shielded by a tall hedge.

My issue:
Lately the cherry blossom at the top of the back garden has looked a little different. The leaves on it are sagging low, very droopy looking, and some of them have some odd colours and pigments compared to the one in the front garden. A lot of the leaves have started to turn yellow or orangey-red colour. Which I wouldíve thought would be ok for autumn (Iím not entirely sure if they do go red this late in the year) but it seems quite early.

The last thing is itís started shooting smaller branches from way down towards the middle of the trunk, which is odd as the majority of growth appears to be right at the top.

I may be worrying about nothing but we love our trees and really donít know enough about them. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I can provide images as necessary. Though for some reason I canít paste links via my iPhone.

Many thanks.

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