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Exposing tree roots prevously under concrete

Exposing tree roots prevously under concrete
Posted by: Jocelyn (IP Logged)
Date: December 06, 2019 14:06

I have a large memorial tree on my property in rural scotland and when the tree was originally planted, a round concrete slab was placed around it to support a round bench. The Beech has since lifted and cracked the slab and we now want to remove the old bench and concrete and replace it with something better for the tree (which may be nothing at all).
My concern is about exposing roots that have been compacted under the concrete. There are some roots visible around the trunk collar and I'm worried about destabilizing the trunk. Would you put more soil over the roots?

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|  Exposing tree roots prevously under concrete Jocelyn 06/12/2019 14:06

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