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Can I save my wall through pruning?

Can I save my wall through pruning?
Posted by: John Holland (IP Logged)
Date: April 04, 2020 07:20


Hoping someone may be able to help?

I have moved into a house that has a young blue (fir?) tree planted close to my garden wall (3ft wall). The tree is approx 4 inches from the wall.

In the couple of years we have been in this house the tree has doubled in size now approx 15ft and Iím worried if I leave it it will eventually expand and knock the wall down or at least do damage.

If I keep the tree pruned to a small size will the trunk and also stay small or do I need to try to move the tree (or more like cut down as I donít think I could move it).

Iíve seen similar trees much bigger!

Iím not sure how to add a photo to this if it will help?

Many thanks for any/all advice


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