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Laurel trees

Laurel trees
Posted by: Ryan Lamb (IP Logged)
Date: April 08, 2020 15:48


Hopefully I can some help here.

I bought a few standard laurel trees from a reputable website. All looked in good health in images sent. They came with root balls.

When arrived they looked rather limp (all leaves wilting). Planted late February and never really looked any better, some worse. Now developing yellow leaves which easily fall off.

Planted them with bonemeal and conditioner as advised by sellers.

Soil drains quite well. I have been watering once a week for 20 mins per tree (with trickle from hose). Soil feels cold and slightly moist 1 week after watering. Certainly doesn't look or feel waterlogged. I don't believe there is any clay in soil.

I am at a loss as to what to do - water or not water. Given that they arrived wilted, I'm not sure it is even something I am doing.

They were expensive for me so really keen to get fixed. Seller is being very helpful and I think open to replacement but I would rather just know what is going wrong with them to fix without the hassle.

I can send pictures if helpful.

Many thanks in advance.


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|  Laurel trees Ryan Lamb 08/04/2020 15:48

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