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Cuttung Back a 100 year old fir

Cuttung Back a 100 year old fir
Posted by: Jack Graddle (IP Logged)
Date: April 29, 2020 16:06

I moved in to a property in Scotland which has a very old fir tree that originally grew on the side of a bank. The previous owners filled in the area around the bank with tons of earth so that ground level is about 6 foot higher up the tree than it was originally. To get the lower branches off the new ground level they cut some off and tied others to higher branches with rope. Its now a mess under the tree with some branches pulling other branches down, some touching the ground, some dying off. The tree is very, very tall and looks great but I'm worried about the mess. Would I be OK cutting the lower branches away to say 5 or 6 feet from the ground? If so, when is the best time of year to do this?
Thanks for any advise.

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|  Cuttung Back a 100 year old fir Jack Graddle 29/04/2020 16:06

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