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Pulms and Hollies

Pulms and Hollies
Posted by: Paul (IP Logged)
Date: May 31, 2020 07:50


2 trees i have that have not behaved quite as i expected this year and i'm not sure if i need to do anything, and if so what.

we have a 9 foot plum tree (don't know how old as here before we moved here) that has delivered a tonne of plums the last 2 years. this year it didn't blossom, so i'm assuming no fruit at all. the tree looks very healthy and has plenty of foliage. is it just having a recovery year or do i need to do something? the tree has a pebble covered base by the way. if i need to feed, what should i use and how (bearing in mind the pebble covered base in a small bed)

we also have a large holly (over 15 foot - again don't know age), on which the foliage is looking a little yellow and sparse in places. it's had a bit of a battering the last twelve months as we live in a fairly exposed location and the have had a number of windy storms in the last 6/12. do i need to feed? similarly it's in a bed with pebble covering, so if i need to feed what's best and how?

many thanks for any advice.


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|  Pulms and Hollies Paul 31/05/2020 07:50

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