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Special considerations when planting field grown trees?

Special considerations when planting field grown trees?
Posted by: Aaron (IP Logged)
Date: August 13, 2020 18:50

Hi all. My question is regarding any special considerations at the time of planting field-grown trees that will be later dug up and transplanted. I've found lots of information on transplanting, but not on the initial planting of said trees.

I live in North Carolina and have a number of small potted maple trees that came my way. I'd like to plant them in the ground to take advantage of the faster growing that way. The place I plan to plant them now won't be final, so they will be dug up and transplanted.

Is there anything I should do differently when planting a tree I know will be dug up later? I know maples can have more shallow roots but I'm not sure if that is a concern.

As I said I've found lots of transplanting advice, but is there preferred method? I have a tractor but no other heavy equipment so figure it will be shovels unless there is a better way.

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