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Ligustrum/ privet needs saving!

Ligustrum/ privet needs saving!
Posted by: Sarah tree_q (IP Logged)
Date: April 06, 2021 17:07


I wonder if anyone can help. I have a smallish tree (about 2.5m high) in my front garden which has suddenly taken a turn! Iím unsure exactly what tree it is but think it may be a type of Ligustrum/ privet?? It flowers white briefly in the spring and has purplish sappy berries at the end of some branches (normally). Itís an evergreen and has been thick, green and lush for the 2+ years I have lived in my home.

Iíd say itís been looking a little unhealthy for about a month and suddenly in the last week all of the leaves have turned brownish (even with a yellowish tinge in some areas), curled and crispy.. but they havenít fallen.

Iím so confused as to why this could have happened. The only thing that has really changed is that Iíve recently levelled the surrounding ground a bit and swapped the previous chipped shale with some larger cobbles .. but I canít see how this could have caused a problem.

Itís in moist clay-like soil and while thereís a thin membrane under the surrounding cobbles, there doesnít seem to be any drought issues. Iíve read about possible fungus and pests but thereís no considerable spotting on the leaves and Iím at a bit of a loss of what to do.

I love this tree (!) as it gives a level of privacy for my front window and am really concerned that it may be irretrievable!

Iíve attached some images of the tree and close ups of leaf damage. Can anyone advise? Itíd be much appreciated!




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|  Ligustrum/ privet needs saving! Sarah tree_q 06/04/2021 17:07

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