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Nottinghamshire Established Pear Tree Query

Nottinghamshire Established Pear Tree Query
Posted by: Greg Steele (IP Logged)
Date: July 04, 2021 17:58

Hi all,

I'd be really grateful for some advice on an established pear tree in our garden. I hope this isn't a repeat post - I couldn't find anything similar on the search. I am very much an amateur but enthusiastic gardener and want to do my best for this tree. We bought the house in Nov 19 and a pear tree came with it - I believe it is a common pear but I don't know which variety. It clearly has been trained in the past as it is a T shape and still has some of the metal support buried in the trunk! The last two springs it has flowered nicely and then not fruited at all - both years there has been maybe ~1 pear at best that develops at all. I have also noticed it suffers from small outbreaks (~6 inches from the tip of various branches) of fire blight, which I have tried my best to remove. I am also aware it has lots of crossing branches which I know I need to sort out. 

My queries are: 

1) Pruning. Does this need standard maintenance in the winter to remove the fire blight plus any crossing branches, or does this need more radical surgery (pollarding?).

2) Is the lack of fruit an issue or is it something simple like lacking a companion tree for pollination? There are no other pear trees in the area. If pollination is the issue, could you recommend a hardy variety to help my tree? It flowers ~April ish. 

Many thanks in advance, I am very grateful! 

Greg Steele


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|  Nottinghamshire Established Pear Tree Query Greg Steele 04/07/2021 17:58

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