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Re: Dying holly bushes

Re: Dying holly bushes
Posted by: Dave (IP Logged)
Date: April 27, 2007 09:29

Hi Brandon,
Hope you are in the U.K. otherwise some of these answers/questions are going to be no use to you....
Where they container grown or bare rooted plants, and do you know which nursery the Hollies came from?
Initial thoughts, in no particular order:

1. Hollies planted too deeply by builders, check the "tide mark" of soil which may still be visible at ground level, or probably below ground level.
2. Suffering from drought, are their planted areas kept weed free and mulched?
3.Anything nasty in the soil from the building works, i.e. builders rubble/cement/leaky portaloo etc?
4.Chemical spray drift or accidental poisoning from creosoting a fence etc?
5.Poor quality plants, what did they look like when they first went in?
6. Disease, there is info on the www about leaf drop/defoliation of Hollies-I watch the holly in my neighbours garden go through a 2-4 year cycle of looking ill then recovering.
7. Hollys are not "EVERgreen". i.e. they do drop leaves which are used and "worn out" to make way for new fresh growth. How much growth, if any, have yours put on in 1.5 years?

Hope this helps.

Dave in Hampshire. U.K.

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