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bark peeling off tree

bark peeling off tree
Posted by: Jon La Prevotte (IP Logged)
Date: July 11, 2007 16:13

We have 2 what I have ben told is a "purple locust" trees in our front yard about 25 feet apart. One tree appeared to be dying (possibly due to a very wet winter last year) but looked liked it was comming back this summer. Now I have noticed both trees have large portions of bark peeling from the limbs and the trunks look like their splitting. There is some ant infestation on the trees, but they have always had that. The trees are about 9 years old. Please note I recently had artificial lawn installed around these trees as well about 2 months ago. Are they dying or can they be saved, I really like the purple flowers we get once a year on these in the spring.

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|  bark peeling off tree Jon La Prevotte 11/07/2007 16:13
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