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Re: Ants on WIllow, black spots on leaves

Re: Ants on WIllow, black spots on leaves
Posted by: CH (IP Logged)
Date: April 30, 2007 11:29

Ants are usually in search of either fruit (unlikely at this time of year, or on willow generally) or sap secreted by aphids and similar insects. Banding the tree is probably the best way to control this and shouldn't harm the tree if you take the band off over winter when it's not needed.

Black spots on willow can be caused by one of several things, usually fungal, such as willow scab or anthracnose of willow. They tend to be largely cosmetic and restricted to a particular year, so are only worth controlling if you have a particularly bad infestation or if repeated infestations start to affect the tree's vigour. If the tree is still small a good garden centre should be able to advise you on a suitable fungicide to use if it becomes a problem.

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