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Moving a willow tree

Moving a willow tree
Posted by: sarahb (IP Logged)
Date: April 30, 2007 12:06

I am hoping someone might know when and if it is possible to move a willow tree. It is a Salix Dark Snake and I had planted it too close to my garage wall 2 years ago(daft I know!) It is roughly 10-12 ft tall with a 6 ft spread.It is growing really well there but for obvious reasons needs moving and dont know the best way.

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|  Moving a willow tree sarahb 30/04/2007 12:06
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||  Sounds like a professional project M.D. Vaden of Oregon 01/05/2007 05:26
|||  Re: Sounds like a professional project sarahb 04/05/2007 18:51
||  Re: Moving a willow tree Robert Wilkins 09/05/2007 18:33

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