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Re: Moving a willow tree

Re: Moving a willow tree
Posted by: chris (IP Logged)
Date: April 30, 2007 17:07

Well yes, it is possible to move it. It might not be that easy though.

The first thing is that now is very definately not the time - not in the UK any way. If your in Australia then that's a different matter. Trees should be moved during their dormant season; winter basically.

It is getting to a size where it will be a challenge to do the job yourself - you might want to consider getting a specialist in. But the basics are make sure you leave a really good root ball (which in turn means the whole thing will be heavy!) and water it a lot.

This can't be over emphasised. No matter how careful you are with the root ball you are going loose a lot of roots during the move. The tree created those roots because those are what it needs to get the water it needs out of the ground. You need to compensate for the damage you will do, so you will need to water the tree regularly during the growing season for two or three years after transplanting.

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