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flowering cherry tree

flowering cherry tree
Posted by: Bernice Rippingale (IP Logged)
Date: August 20, 2007 12:50

I bought a flowering cherry tree 4 months ago. Now most of the leaves on the tree are brown spotted and shrivled, including the new growth. There are also little round holes in the leaves and they look as though something has been chewing them as well. on the old growth as well as the new growth. I have looked closely but cannot see any insect at all. I have sprayed the tree with a "bug killer" which is supposed to be for a number of different bugs and I have also tried a mould killer. I planted the tree in good soil and gave it plenty of manure. and given it seawead. It has also had plenty of water. It does have a lot of buds on it waiting to grow. Can you help me to help this tree to survive please

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