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All maple leaves curling on 30-year-old tree

All maple leaves curling on 30-year-old tree
Posted by: ggammel (IP Logged)
Date: August 21, 2007 00:28

Hi dear Ask an Arborist:
Since I live in Columbus, Ohio, I will take Chris's kind advice and try the Arborist Site too. Thanks, Chris!
I noticed my front yard maple leaves were curling, but tonight I noticed ALL THE LEAVES ARE CURLING. It was huge when I came 22 years ago, so is maybe 30+ years old. The largest major branch nearest the house fell when lightning struck 8-10 years ago. The side toward the street branches out over the street and power lines. When an elderly neighbor advised cutting it, I obtained an estimate of only $300, but thought it would last a few more years if I trimmed back the limbs over the street to protect cars parked below. The missing branch hollowed out. I filled it once, but it's worn into a hollow hole now infested with large black ants and yellow jackets, plus I have squirrels. I hired a TREE & lawn care service last year so they would analyze and treat it, but they only told me to fertilize it myself and treat the ants with any granular ant killer, which I did (ineffectively). All summer it's been dropping leaves, bunches of connected leaves and branches. Today I negotiated a side job for a tree service to bring a cherrypicker to cut the branches over the street TOMORROW, only TONIGHT noticed ALL LEAVES ARE CURLING. We're in a drought, but neighbor maples are NOT curling; only mine. Can it be dead? Now I wonder if I should cancel the maintenance tomorrow ($150) if I'm doomed to incur $300 to cut it down. I so appreciate any advice. ~gg

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