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Re: RPA of Yew 19m high

Re: RPA of Yew 19m high
Posted by: flo (IP Logged)
Date: September 06, 2007 19:06

The thorough answer was very much appreciated. There are a couple of follow up questions:

1) After further investigation the Yew is actually 14m high and at the base it is oval as it almost immediately splits into 2. The basal oval is 90cm long and 60cm wide. What would the RPA be in terms of m2 and the equivalent radius of circle?

2) If there was another 10m high Yew 4.85m further away from the first Yew and proposed extension, with a diameter of 65cm 1.5m off the ground (this Yew has a single trunk) would this affect or change the RPA for the taller Yew or can the RPAs overlap without affecting each other?
Many thanks

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