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beech tree puzzle

beech tree puzzle
Posted by: andyw (IP Logged)
Date: September 10, 2007 17:11

Hi there
i recently came across a large mature beech tree in a garden which has 3/4 of its leaves wilted and brown and still on the branches. The remaining leaves look as tho they may be next! All the leaves were apparently healthy in spring.

At least 1 half of the stem base and some of the scaffold limbs in the canopy are heavily colonised by hypoxylon fragiforme (beech woodwart) which i havent really been able to find any info on(ie wood decayer/saprophyte etc). There are no other fruit bodies. There are also no signs of recent damaging activity (compaction, flooding, wounding etc). There are however a few small holes at the stem base, only noticable due to the wood dust that has accumulated around them (wood boring insect?).
There are no leisons on the stem (ie beech bark disease/phytopthora) and the leaves that i can see dont appear infested or diseased.

any ideas?
will be interested to hear what you think

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